37…Week Uno

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It’s been a rough week. A rough 2 weeks if we’re keeping it a buck but you catch my drift.

I had grand plans for my birthday week. The plan was that I was going to work the 8th (my …

Bar None. Everything Included

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This includes burying my best friend of 20 years. This includes burying my favorite paternal aunt, who was a guiding light during some very stressful and crazy times during my life. Pretty much everything in my life up to 3 …

Draft Count: 35

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I was really sitting here lamenting having 34 posts in my drafts and got mad about it. When I started this blog 8 years ago, it was to keep some of my writing that I had done for Tom Wars …


1. This bullshit with my sister is draining. Really really draining. She’s been the same manipulative asshole since we were kids. Everyone sees through it but my dad and that shit is putting a strain on OUR relationship. It’s putting …

DC Beerfest Outtake 1

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2015-05-17 08.17.20 1 by Eyan Spaulding on Flickr.

Just follow this link to see and comment on this photo:
2015-05-17 08.17.20 1

Life Is Weird

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The same dudes that my dad used to chase from in front of the house (also, the same dudes that afforded me opportunities to help my parents out monetarily for a while. and buy my own school clothes. and pay …

Monday Morning Shit

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Stop being so concerned with finding someone else. Get comfortable with yourself and figure out who YOU are first. You also need to realize that it is entirely possible that you could wake up tomorrow morning and what mattered most …

A Summary Of Today

9am smiles
11am tears
1pm cheers
2pm “are you drunk already?”
4pm “he’s drunk as fuck”
4:30pm “cut Eyan off”
6pm “Eyan get me another beer
make me a drink”
8pm water
9pm food…

There’s This Thing That Women Do…

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They’ll be down for whatever reason. On themselves. On Life. On relationships. Then they’ll make one small change. It could be a hair cut, different exercise routine..find a new song. Whatever.

Then their whole outlook changes and they start feeling …