Dubya Tee Eff

For the most part, I’m your stereotypical Taurus. There are some things about me that are WAAAAAAAAAAAY off the mark *it’s a nurture vs nature thing. thank you parents*.


I woke up RESTLESS this morning. There is no fight …


When I’m online and I see all these hyper pro-Black and faux new radical niggas trying to throw their own brand of misinformed and sometimes misguided brand of social justice (for the record, I don’t have a problem with the …

Dear Monday

You’ve been with me since 7:30am and have served me nothing but a healthy dose of disrespect with a side of “you shall not prosper.” Guess what, motherstuffer, you have until 12pm to get YOURSELF together.

I’m going to salvage …

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Img0093 by EyanJ
Img0093, a photo by EyanJ on Flickr.

My “what the fuck am I reading???” face. Or my “you hyper black power motherfuckers on the internet need to go outside and get some fresh air and life experience” face.

Also, …