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Pretty Much

I cosign every thing Young Guru is saying. Fully. 100%

I’m not new to the game at all. I’m not going to break down how much time throughout my life I’ve devoted to music, especially hip hop…but will I WILL say is that I respect the music and the folks that do it for a living to act like I’m better than I am. It’s annoying to me because a lot of things I do, just come easy to me. Right now though? I have to relearn EVERYTHING I know about making music because it’s been A MINUTE since I did anything.

Yeah I make shit and sit on it…if I even save it. I just don’t want to disappoint or disrespect the people that have been waiting for some epic shit from me. It’s hard as FUCK when you’re your own worst critic. Thank you to the few people I’ve let hear the couple things I asked for opinions on. I know of 3 people that were being kind enough to not rip me to shreds. I appreciate the “yeah, it’s decent” and “you want some suggestions?”

I just don’t want to be THAT dude. I’ve seen the beat videos on Youtube and heard the beat tapes that make me want to sell my shit. lmao

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