Man Listen….

I just saw something on Tumblr that made me save the OTHER post I was half assed working on to write this.

The comments on those pics of JImi kissing a black woman got y’all mad? For the fuck WHAT? That man grew up in fucking Seattle and Vancouver. I don’t know if you know this or not, but the black population in Seattle or Vancouver isn’t that big NOW, and it CERTAINLY wasn’t that big when Jimi was alive. So WHAT if you’ve only seen pics of him with white women. Jimi? A half breed. Mixed. Bi-racial. Whatever you want to call it. If you want to be technical, he’s 1/3rd. Literally.

Which brings me to my point. Him nor I, as black men are your property because you are a black woman. I will date, fuck, impregnate, marry, or massage anyone I want. You need to get off this “we need to stick together for the sole reason we are black” bullshit. It’s archaic. It’s a way of thinking born from families being ripped apart by slavery and false imprisonment for labor camps.

Just as you, as a black woman, feel as if there is no one on the face of the earth that should have the right to tell you who you can be involved with do I. I’m tired of it. I’ve seen it all too much on the internet in these days of free bloggery and Make-My-Opinion-Known-Every-Chance-I-Get-ness. You might think I’m shitting on black love. I’m really not. But I’m tired of seeing this attitude from black folk like we belong to each other by virtue of likeness of skin-tone or struggle. Nah, fam. It doesn’t work like that. If i brought up the fact that half the celebs you lust after on a daily basis are the product of a multi-ethnic union, would you still feel the same way about them? Yeah, you would.

I’m tired of it, b. I really am. You should be happy for a person if they find someone they can love and cherish. Not condemn them or their partner.


Niggas and flies, yo. Niggas and flies.

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