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Music To Drive (To Work) By..The 6.26.12 Revisitation Rights Edition

Checking today’s date against the date of my last music post made me realize how infrequent posts of ANY kind get published here. A lot of them get swallowed by Tumblr and Twitter. Fight me.


ANYWAY. Last night while at work I was going through my iPod looking for a specific album to listen to while I did notwork things and noticed how many OLD I had on there. Last night I decided that I’m going to listen to one old album a day or week if possible and then delete it to make room for new music. Of if I still like it as much as I did when I put it on my iPod, it stays. This is either going to be an AWESOME idea or a REALLY stupid one that will annoy me.

Today’s album:


Still fresh after 7 years. My favorite tracks are “enecS eht no kcaB”, “Can’t Get Enough” ft Majestik Legend, and “Unparalleled” ft Majestik Legend.

If you would like to listen purchase any of his music or stream for the freeski, follow the link.



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