LadyWimminz. Listen.

Keep in mind, I’m somewhat of a controversial blogger because I wear a Yankee fitted in a lot of pics.


If a dude is going to respect you, he’s going to respect you no matter what you wear on your body or face. Or how many people you’ve had sex before him (that day or otherwise). If you have no degree, one degree, or several. Or if you’re the shift manager at McDonalds or the CFO of some Fortune 100 company…or anything in between.

So while you’re wasting your time giving a fuck about what some nigga that wasn’t going to give you the respect you want ANYWAY, I’m eating all the fruit snacks. Especially the Welch’s jawns.

Also please remember…someone doesn’t have to like you to respect you. A lot of people get that fucked up in the game. I don’t like a LOT of people. But do I respect them? Yerp.

And you’ll know if I don’t respect you. Cuz I’ll tell you.

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