The Crash That Quite Possibly Saved My Life

A couple weeks ago, I got into an accident on my way to work.

There’s a spot when you’re pulling on to the campus of my job that NEVER sees any sun, at all, because of a line of trees that goes down the main road. It had snowed the previous night and the section of the through way on grounds had become icy from the traffic and refreezing. I slid off the road and hit a telephone pole going about 5-10 miles an hour. Thankfully, I drive a Dodge truck and hit square in the middle of the front end so I didn’t set off the air bag sensors *they would have totalled my vehicle out and I would be sad*.

Fast forward a little over 2 weeks without The Blue Bitch, stuck in this Ford Fusion rental car, and I can’t get into any nigga shit. Boredom


While my truck was in the body shop getting fixed, they found something else wrong with it. My driver side bearings, caliper, and brake hoses were going bad *only made worse because of the damage from the accident* which could have caused an accident or worse later down the road.

Everything will be taken care of this week. Dude at the garage by my house is going to have the new caliper, bearings, brake lines done tonight, the part the body shop is waiting for will be here tomorrow. I should have my main ho back by Wednesday, universe willing.

I am, however, mad I had to kick out an additional $800 that I had planned on spending on a new lens for my camera and some clothes. Oh well, what you gonna do?

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  1. Cousin Pete

    I’m just glad that you’re fine and that they found a bigger issue before they were forced to. *hug*

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