When I’m online and I see all these hyper pro-Black and faux new radical niggas trying to throw their own brand of misinformed and sometimes misguided brand of social justice (for the record, I don’t have a problem with the social justice internet people.  it’s the fake asses that ruin it for y’all. just like every OTHER cause on the net), it makes my skin crawl.

Especially when they go on these rants about black/PoC  TV/movie/video game/movie/book/comic characters. Y’all out here not doing your research. Just spouting off whatever the fuck you want trying to be the biggest mouth in the room and failing because someone is louder/more misinformed than you.

THEN you get PISSY AS FUCK when someone corrects you. I don’t understand it. You gotta get the fuck off my planet, b. Go sit your ass in the fuckpuppet corner and drink your apple juice.

Thank you.

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