Wrote This 3 Days Ago. Thought I Should Move It To Here.

If you tell someone that you KNOW has been hurt/abused before and they say “thank you.”

9 times out of 10, they mean it. They don’t expect nor believe that they deserve to be loved. Chances are, they don’t know “how” to properly identify love themselves for whatever reason.

You just gotta let that motherfucker know that YOUR love does not require reciprocation and you understand if they can’t/won’t say it back. And if your love is unconditional, tell them.

Sometimes folks KNOW you love them, but they don’t believe it. The believing has to come on their own time, not yours.

Conversely, not everyone deserves to be loved. There really ARE some truly horrible motherfuckers out there that deserve every bad thing that happens to them in life. But that ain’t my OR your call on who it is. Let the universe decide on that shit.


Fast forward to today after a conversation with someone that doesn’t love them self. I told them “I can’t love you enough for both of us. You gotta do the work and pull your weight in this.” I think I got through to them. I HOPE I got through to them. Shit is mad skressfo, b.

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