Tuesday Morning Things

Sometimes I forget that I have a place where I can talk and don’t actually have to hear my voice. I get tired of hearing it and I’m sure other people do too.

The last couple months have been meh with the exception of a few bright spots here and there. It’s re-iterated the fact that since 1986, my life has been a constant exercise of trying to cram the square inside the circle shape (yes, I’m listening to Yikes!). I’m better about things now. More water than rock, which wars against my nature as a person that fixes things and solves problems. I hate standing idle or feeling stagnant, which happens more often than not because Life does not bend to your will 100% of the time.

Or ever. LOL

There are things I want and things I need. I already have most of the things I need and I realize that. The things I want…me acquiring those isn’t solely on me. It’s all good.

It really is all good. Maybe if I keep telling myself that enough times, I’ll start to believe it. I doubt it though, I don’t believe (in) much lately.


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