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Friends Of Future Past



You ever sit around and reflect on a (might have could developed into more than) friendship and realize that you dodged a bullet?

I just did.

I realized that this friend had vocalized, transferred, and projected ALL their bullshit onto their eventual significant other and I had been a part of that because we were friends. This person also vehemently denied doing it and any wrong doing..knowing full well what they were doing. We had a..i don’t even know if it was a falling out. It was more along the lines of Eyan deciding he’s not dealing with it anymore because I had my own issues going on and that friend was pissy about THAT. Not saying they didn’t care about my welfare and safety..but it seemed like that “you don’t have to go through this if you *insert reason here*” kinda thing.  Spotlights came on in my head, I saw it for what it was and had to nip it in the bud.

Did I handle it the wrong way? Of goddamn COURSE I did…because I only know how to handle things like that in a heavy handed and tactless manner.

In retrospect, I did the right thing for myself and quite possibly the other party involved. Or I thought I did, meaning I thought this person was doing better until I saw that they were STILL bullshitting through life doing the SAME shit they were doing before. To which I say

I’m 12 years old sometimes.

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