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Happy Birthday, Fudge.

Monday, May 26, 2008

And then there were 3…

David “Fudge *yes, Ice Cube’s character from Higher Learning*” Anderson passed away on Saturday May 24th 2008. He was my best friend of 21 years. He was one of the 3 people on this earth that I considered my brother. Yeah, I have a lot of friends, even more associates…but Brian, Lawrence, and Fudge were the closest things to having a brother I had growing up. I love both of my sisters with all my heart…but every dude knows that you can’t call your sister to tell her that some back room game you had been spittin to a chick in your 4th period English class had finally paid off…even though said girl’s pussy smelled like 7 miles of dead wolf pussy, you still fucked. Then after you made them promise not to tell anyone, they went and told EVERYBODY. Jokes were told, laughs were had, chicks got pissed…then the brothers went to open gym and clowned Wolf Pussy girl til none of y’all could breathe. For the longest time, it had been us 3 *me and Brian are cousins, then these other 2 nigglets happened to show up on the scene. lol*, then Fred moved here. Brian and Lawrence are closer to Fred than I was, but that’s cool. Fred is still my boy til the day i die. I’d do anything for Fred that didn’t involve me going to prison or giving that nigga money. LOL

Anyway, Fudge IS my best friend of 21 years. There is no “was.” Yes, he’s gone…but that doesn’t change the status of our friendship. Yes as we grew up *or got older I should say*, we drifted apart. All 4 of us drifted apart. It wasn’t anyone’s fault…shit happens. We tried to keep in touch with each other at all times, but when cats are going to college or working 80 hours a week, it’s hard. We would try to meet up during spring breaks, summer vacations, holiday breaks, etc. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn’t but we always found a way to spend at least a couple of minutes together when everyone was in the 609.

To people that didn’t know us, it sounds crazy…but we were ALWAYS up to some no good activities. I can’t count on both hands and feet how many times one of us would do some stupid shit, get grounded by the parental units, then we would call the offender on the phone to crack jokes. That’s the shit best friends/brothers do. After you get older and have kids *Brian and Lawrence…and Fred* you realize how much you miss your youth. And how the responsibilities of adulthood pretty much fucks up your fun. Well, it did for some of us.

You ever notice how when you’re in a particular mood, the radio or iTunes decides to play THE most fucked up songs that fit your mood? It’s happening right now.

So yeah, Fudge died of a massive heart attack. His 3rd. After the first 2 and a bout of pneumonia, the doctors told him he needed to stop smoking. And Fudge being Fudge…didn’t. Fudge working 2 jobs also didn’t help things, but he was doing what he had to do. I’m not going to say “I hate God” blah blah blah…Fudge did it to himself. He’s the one I’m mad at…not God, the universe, or the doctors. I’m mad at Fudge for not taking better care of himself. We all tried to help, but he didn’t accept any. Yes, I know things happen for a reason. I’ve come to accept that the universe does what it sees fit. All we can do is grin and bear it.

Jesus, I never knew trying to read a screen through tears was this hard. Someone should have told me.

I’m going to wrap this up because I’m over here sobbing like this life changing event is a scene from some Hollywood drama.

So, in closing:

1. Fudge IS my best friend til the day I’m cold and lifeless.
2. Eyan will NOT be wearing one of those corny ass “RIP blahblahblah” with a picture on it tshirts. I’ll MAKE them for people, but I’m not wearing one. I’m waay too uppity for that.
3. I just read this post and noticed that I am trying REALLY hard to hide my emotions behind jokes and sarcasm. Boon, slap an epic fail on the attempt.

RIP David Fletcher Anderson
October 12, 1980-May 24th, 2008

With love and all the respect in the world,
your big brother Eyan

You’ve been gone for 2 and some change but the son you have?  Me, B, Eff Are, and L will make sure he knows all about his dad.

PS- Yo, your mom and Mike got me to wear that damn tshirt anyway! lmao

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