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No Eulogy…Just Point At the Picture Like “Yup!”

Maya Angelou meant and continues to mean MANY things to a lot of people. I expressed how Maya Angelou’s passing made me feel this morning.

Then I thought about how the universe operates sometimes. Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing reiterated the whole Circle of Life thing to me this morning. She was sexually assaulted/abused, a prostitute and a brothel madame. She also overcame her past to become something/someone that she felt that she needed during the tumultuous times in her life. She didn’t do it for us. She did it mostly for herself and by doing that, she lead by example. I’ve never heard any accounts of her shying away from the things she’s done in her life. She’s never denied them to my knowledge. She used them to frame her personal narrative of becoming a powerful woman in her own right. How she stared hardship and negativity *to put it VERY mildly* in the eye and said “hell nah, you will not defeat me.” Once again, for herself FIRST. I don’t think she’s ever placed herself above anyone else either. She didn’t demand any respect because of WHO she was. She demanded respect because of WHAT she was. You can’t argue with that at all either.

I almost went off on a tangent. Muh bad, mayn.

Back to the circle of life. Maya Angelou was 86 years old. 86 years is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ass time to live. She didn’t survive, she LIVED. She may have survived a few times, but she LIVED the rest of it. It takes a certain amount of energy devoted by the universe to sustain that kind of presence. I believe that there is a cap or limit, at any given time, on how much energy the universe can produce for these purposes. There’s little to no wiggle room. I think Maya Angelou achieved her destiny and did a little extra just to make sure she wasn’t half assing it. She finished her bid on this glorious but miserable ball of mud and good/bad decisions then took her leave of it all.

If you’re reading this, you’re still alive. If you’re reading this, you KNOW someone that is expecting a child..be it that you know them from the internet or work/play. The energy pool of the universe has just been replenished because we lost someone that meant a lot to many people of the human race. But on some really REALLY shit? That energy had touched the greatness of Dr. Maya Angelou who’s life acted like a purifier for the bullshit. A purifier that taught you it was okay to love yourself and be a better you, if that’s what you desire. A lens that showed you everyone got a little freak in em and a lot of ain’t shit too. And now that energy is there for you to use to accomplish your goals. Realize your dreams. See your plans to fruition. All that other hippy shit, plair. Dr. Maya Angelou been through it, done it and said it. She would tell you if you asked. She would tell you if you DIDN’T ask.

She lived her life and spoke her words to inform you that she MIGHT could have been more peer than mentor if you looked a little closer.

That’s what made her great to me.

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