1. This bullshit with my sister is draining. Really really draining. She’s been the same manipulative asshole since we were kids. Everyone sees through it but my dad and that shit is putting a strain on OUR relationship. It’s putting a strain on my parents relationship. Pretty much every relationship my dad has with everyone except my grandmother who can’t hide her Alzheimers anymore. More on THAT later.

2. I’m exhausted. As fuck. It’s 70% mental exhaustion which will wear your body down fast as hell too.

3. I have uncle duty in the morning. It’s only Poops so it’s not that bad but since I have to address #1 while dealing with #2 while it’s just me and him is going to be good times. /sarcasm

4. I feel unappreciated. I don’t know why because I know I’m loved and appreciated but I think it’s more #2 than
the fact that I had to delete someone’s number today. I’m not putting up with their bullshit and I’ve expressed this to them before. So is life.

5. Titty sprinkles.

6. I’m also debating whether I want to renew the CriticalTasteTheory domain name. I want to do something with it but I’m lazy. I serious need to start cooking again. Maybe just on the weekends for now.

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