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Draft Count: 35

I was really sitting here lamenting having 34 posts in my drafts and got mad about it. When I started this blog 8 years ago, it was to keep some of my writing that I had done for Tom Wars and Uppity Negroes (both blogs that I had started with @VisionPoet and @KingOfAmber). Uppity Negroes definitely isn’t up anymore, but Tom Wars might still be on Blogger and/or the free WordPress site somewhere. I can’t remember if they’re completely shuttered or not.  I’ve either owned, co-owned or wrote for a number of blogs/sites over the years. I’m lazy and too many to name so I’m not even going to try.

What began as an archival space online has served many purposes for me over the years. GTT has been a journal. It’s been a space for me to vent the woes and first world problems of my life. GTT has been a place for me to showcase some of my creative things *that I’ve been neglecting a lot over the last 3 years but that’s changing for the better in 2016..hopefully*. This site has served me well and I’m sorry that I’ve neglected using it more. I really do look at all the time I’ve wasted not using this space to it’s full potential. It’s TRULY a waste. I haven’t shared any of my photography lately. I haven’t shared anything I’ve written lately. I haven’t bragged about any of the 800000 kids that call me uncle or think of me as the adult they can trust to not bullshit them in life. Let me not forgot all the people I know that are doing amazing things that I could be offering a little promotion to here. I think I may have one or 2 readers who still have me in their RSS feed. Maybe not. My PARENTS don’t even know I have my own site. For reasons.

Another reason I don’t hit publish owchea is because there has been a lot of deeply personal things going on and SOMETIMES I just need to see my irrational ass thought process laid out plain as day in front of me so I can say to myself “you sound/look like a fucking lunatic right now.” Sometimes I do, frequently actually.

You know, reading over these words before I hit publish REALLY seems like one of those times like I described above. 375 words just to say I’m a slacker and I’m going to try to do better in 2016.

I’m not even going to mention that I have a whole ass sub domain that hasn’t been used at ALL since I bought the name 2 years ago. Maybe I might need to get Critical Taste Theory poppin. I really think I should.

Yes, I know that GTT and CTT really do look the same but you will deal. Or you won’t. Free country (for the most part).

This post was sponsored by the sounds of the homie Ant. Ant be JAMMIN. the above is proof. as FUCK. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYE


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