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Tell me Lee doesn’t look like he beats Ann Marie with DVD boxes for not having the precise amount of raisins in his bowl of cereal!!
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I’ve seen plenty of commercials in the past. All of them seem so contrived and fake it’s more amusing than anything else. Did you know that Dr. Neil Clark Warren is a clinical psychologist that has spent the last 35 years as a relationship counselor? I’m willing to bet that people are paying HIM to be a part of his secret case study.

edit: due to Viacom’s bitchassery aplenty, Google has decided to disable embedding of numerous videos. I guess i’ma have to get my geek on and host these bitches somewhere else. oh well, click the link to view Lee and Ann Marie.

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  1. Okay where to begin:

    1) Is that hair styled during “There’s Something About Mary”?
    2) Isn’t that Johnny from Karate Kid
    “is there a problem Mr.Lawrence?”
    “no sensei”
    3) I’m still upset that this mothafucka said beaten by dvd boxes
    4) How come they show him bowling, usually a couples game, without his Eharmarie?

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