Rap vs O'Reilly and Fox News…Round 4

If you can’t see the video because your job has it blocked *which is fine…you should be working ANYdamnWAY*, Mr. Illmatic and hooked up with ColorOfChange.org to deliver a petition with 620,000 signatures to Fox News and Bill “I Just Beat a Sexual Harrassment Case Because I Was Trying To Phone Bone A Coworker..and I Even Offered To Buy Her Sex Toys” O’Reilly in protest of their racist, sexist and fear mongering brand of “journalism.” 620,000 signatures is a LOT of people to sign a petition, online or not. I mean damn, that’s a helluva lot of online traffic and a HELL of a lot of Bic pens that lost their lives in the name of protest. Let’s have a moment of silence for those server racks and ink cartridges. WE MAJOR!!! *see what I just did there? HA!*

And now on to my problem with Color of Change reaching out to Nas of all the damn rappers on the face of the Earth.  Oochie Wally and You Owe Me. Yeah, I said it. Oochie frickin Wally and You Owe Me. Regardless of how much A&R and label pressure *not to mention how many times he makes a Black Girl Lost or If I Ruled The World type track* Nas had to include those songs on their respected albums…he still had them circulating on MTV and BET.  It’s not like those jawns were slow to bubble either. They spent a significant amount of time in the top 20 countdowns during their prime. I’m not even going to mention the fact that Nas has a new album out which needs promotion. From what I can tell from the youtube video, Nas only made one reference to the album.  I’m sure Billy will have his researchers and stat trackers count how many times Nas has said “nigga” and made derogatory terms towards women in his songs.

I’d really like organizations to stop using rappers/actors as spokespeople for your causes. I understand y’all may share views with said rapper/actor/athlete…they’re still an entertainer. Go find yourself an educator or author. Go find yourself a CEO or a college student to put a face to your cause. As a 28 year old black man in the United States…I can remember Belly. I can remember the Oochie Wally video. I can remember when several members of the Dallas Cowboys got popped for coke. I can also remember when Bill Cosby stopped being Cliff Huxtable and he became William Cosby…the man that cheated on Camille. I can also remember when most of the programs on TV were suitable to watch at any time of the day. There was no Maury. There was no Jerry. There was only Phil Donahue and Oprah.  Children these days don’t have those kinds of memories. All they know is 50 Cent, Heath Ledger dying of an overdose, Cita’s World on BET, and “reality” television. I’m charging people that want to make a change to bring back the school book fair. Library trips. Finding guest speakers to come to your middle/high school that have actually GONE from ashy to classy by means of an education or the drive to succeed.

Once we’re gone, the kids these days will have to deal with another Bill O’Reilly and they won’t be armed with the weapons they need to take him down if all they can remember is Ocho Cinco doing a river dance in the endzone after a score.

Oh, and I’d like to big up ColorOfChange.org for at least making the attempt.


  1. I’d like to volunteer myself to the cause. I accuse O’Reilly of identity theft!

  2. I read about this yesterday and felt this is probably the 1st organization that I completely agree with. Its the 1st “protest” type movement that I felt I would give my all to support. Its not wack like that “Ban The N word” bs or “Break CDs of hard core rappers” stuff! The ay FOX has been is VERY obvious and those who do not support the message is a moron!

  3. From the Beach


  4. Haywood Jablome

    Camron showed exactly how to NOT deal with O’Reilly. This asswad gets on the show and all he can say is “YOU MAD!” Hmmmm. That’s the new ammo eh?

  5. Are you saying that the days when Oprah and Phil ruled the airwaves were the good old days? Don’t make me hit youtube…

  6. Nah, I’m saying that I miss the days when Phil and Oprah were THE only shitty talk shows on TV. Now there’s more than 2. lol

  7. Fuck the dumb shit, I miss The Box.

  8. “I’d really like organizations to stop using rappers/actors as spokespeople for your causes.”

    Minority doctors/physicists/business owners aren’t the least bit interesting to listen to and more often than not they’re not really interested in expousing their views on race to America (this is often inherent to the profession). They have fare more important things to do.

    Also, fuck Obama in 08′. Give me Kucinich or Nader; charisma, race, articulacy and change be damned.

  9. Actually my brother is a physicist and I’m a business owner, and many women find us fascinating when we talk to them buck naked. The truth is most of the profession you named are afraid of exposure (see DuBois “The Soul of Black Folk”) and therefore keep their mouths shut.

    In addition, how many doctors have a paid you tube channel? How many physicists are discussed on MSN or Fox News daily? However, for some reason Hannity seems to know alot about underground rappers and blog heroes. My point is, the spokespeople, are those who are speaking regardless if they have shit to say.

    Nader? Are you fucking shitting me? How come he only runs for President when Democrats are predicted to take Executive Branch and split Congress? Are you even sure that Nader understands economics?

  10. Jade

    AWESOME article. It’s kind of sad kids these days have more respect for and want to be like the “glamorous” people in movies, television and sports. Little do they know that knowlege is true wealth and will last you a lifetime…even when all the money is gone.

  11. Mabecca Howe

    oooo I am so late on this article my apologies because it is so necessary. This is WHAT THE FUCK I’M TALKIN ABOUT. THIS “what’s up”. I can’t hardly watch fox news anymore cuz it disturbs me to my core and I cannot believeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what they get away with. All for shock value. Bill O’reilly and Sean Hannity have been doing this for years and have gotten away with it. Remember how Bill ate in a restaurant in Harlem, NY and was SHOCKED that black people used forks and knives? Remember how during the primary sean hannity repeatedly showed just how racist he can be by making a bigger mockery out of the rev write issue and as nas said “callin’ michelle baby momma”. Weekend after weekend they played the same racist crap over and over again and the same question kept popping in my head “how are they able to get away with this shit? Even fox’s morning crew were blatantly racist and opinionated making snide comments in between telling us the forecast for the day. JUST RIDICULOUS. Anyway. Great article…thank you..thank you thank you and thank you Nas for making a stand.

  12. They say gangsta rap is dying. I tend to disagree, it’s just changing forms and merging with new styles. What we’re doing is a prime example. Check out Kryptik – V.I.P Ft. Crooked I, just google it, I don’t wanna spam a link. if far

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