I signed my layoff paperwork at 1:30pm. It’s not an assured thing that I’ll get laid off or lose my job, but it’s something that’s very real. Shout out to AFSCME for getting us a contract that affords me title …

Bathrooms Are A Magical Place

A majority of my best ideas happen there, be it in the shower or on the throne. I once wrote 2 albums worth of material while taking a shit. Like I said, magical.

A Summary Of Today

9am smiles
11am tears
1pm cheers
2pm “are you drunk already?”
4pm “he’s drunk as fuck”
4:30pm “cut Eyan off”
6pm “Eyan get me another beer
make me a drink”
8pm water
9pm food

My People

I love you. I can’t always deal with you because your smell be off denna MUH*…but I love you.

I can’t save you. I can’t always be your grounding stone in reality. I can’t always be your common sense. I …

There’s This Thing That Women Do…

© 2014 EyanJ. All rights reserved.

They’ll be down for whatever reason. On themselves. On Life. On relationships. Then they’ll make one small change. It could be a hair cut, different exercise routine..find a new song. Whatever.

Then their whole outlook changes and they start feeling …


I quite possibly needed tonight as much as the person it’s for. Good times.