Monday Morning Shit

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Stop being so concerned with finding someone else. Get comfortable with yourself and figure out who YOU are first. You also need to realize that it is entirely possible that you could wake up tomorrow morning and what mattered most …


I signed my layoff paperwork at 1:30pm. It’s not an assured thing that I’ll get laid off or lose my job, but it’s something that’s very real. Shout out to AFSCME for getting us a contract that affords me title …

Bathrooms Are A Magical Place

A majority of my best ideas happen there, be it in the shower or on the throne. I once wrote 2 albums worth of material while taking a shit. Like I said, magical.

A Summary Of Today

9am smiles
11am tears
1pm cheers
2pm “are you drunk already?”
4pm “he’s drunk as fuck”
4:30pm “cut Eyan off”
6pm “Eyan get me another beer
make me a drink”
8pm water
9pm food

My People

I love you. I can’t always deal with you because your smell be off denna MUH*…but I love you.

I can’t save you. I can’t always be your grounding stone in reality. I can’t always be your common sense. I …

There’s This Thing That Women Do…

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They’ll be down for whatever reason. On themselves. On Life. On relationships. Then they’ll make one small change. It could be a hair cut, different exercise routine..find a new song. Whatever.

Then their whole outlook changes and they start feeling …