There’s This Thing That Women Do…

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They’ll be down for whatever reason. On themselves. On Life. On relationships. Then they’ll make one small change. It could be a hair cut, different exercise routine..find a new song. Whatever.

Then their whole outlook changes and they start feeling …

Friends Of Future Past

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You ever sit around and reflect on a (might have could developed into more than) friendship and realize that you dodged a bullet?

I just did.

I realized that this friend had vocalized, transferred, and projected ALL …

Don’t Mind Me

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Trying to find some inspiration in old Flickr posts and my media drive so I can get out of this creative rut. Shit is really killing my happiness right now, b. Doubting m

We owchea

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We owchea by EyanJ
We owchea, a photo by EyanJ on Flickr.

Guess I’ll finish this mini project this weekend since the weather is going to be crap.