Tuesday Morning Things

Sometimes I forget that I have a place where I can talk and don’t actually have to hear my voice. I get tired of hearing it and I’m sure other people do too.

The last couple months have been meh …

It’s the Small Things

Today I:

  1. Paid my truck off
  2. Paid off 2 credit cards
  3. Put money away for a very special visit that I’ll be enjoying in a few months from 2 very important people
  4. Talked to my aunt and uncle (that’s in

Sunday Night Things

1. If they didn’t do random drug tests at my job, I’d smoke a bowl or 2 tonight. Just to take the edge off things. I don’t know if it’s because I’m extremely tired or if this is the reason …

Dubya Tee Eff

For the most part, I’m your stereotypical Taurus. There are some things about me that are WAAAAAAAAAAAY off the mark *it’s a nurture vs nature thing. thank you parents*.


I woke up RESTLESS this morning. There is no fight …


When I’m online and I see all these hyper pro-Black and faux new radical niggas trying to throw their own brand of misinformed and sometimes misguided brand of social justice (for the record, I don’t have a problem with the …

I Used To Be That Person

I used to be that person that confused sex and love/intimacy. While you can have all with the same person at the same time, that’s not always the case. I was out here being reckless looking for intimacy through sex …

Some Saturday Stuff

  1. My uncle was a Twitter Nigga in the 80s-90s. He might could be one of y’alls fathers. He ain’t shit and neither are you.
  2. I think I may have found a way to extend the powers of a Fresh Fade

Philly Photo Walk 3.2.13

I had a good time even though the temperature kept switching up while we were walking around. Out of the 250 shots, I got about 30 that I REALLY liked. Next time, gonna shoot in RAW so I force myself …

Atlantic City Photo Walk 2.24.13

© 2013 EyanJ. All rights reserved.

The weather has been CRAPTASTIC on my days off for the last, I dunno, year or so? I caught a break for once and headed to Atlantic City to do a photo walk. When I bought my D7k, it came …