We owchea

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We owchea by EyanJ
We owchea, a photo by EyanJ on Flickr.

Guess I’ll finish this mini project this weekend since the weather is going to be crap.

I’m Irked, Perturbed, Annoyed, And A Bunch Of OTHER Shit

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There’s this outbreak of R.Kelly think pieces all of a sudden. About 4-5 years ago I wrote a piece on my former blogs *uppitynegroes.com/tomwars.wordpress.com* that I ran with @VisionPoet/JawnsBeJawnin and PaperThrones/@KingofAmber saying how Robert’s bullshit needed to be more deeply …

You Know What’s Funny?

I have three fears. That’s it. Two of them are irrational as fuck. The third one? Yeah..naw. Completely understandable.



I’d rather the first 2 happen than the 3rd, mostly because I don’t know if I can deal with …

Tuesday Morning Things

Sometimes I forget that I have a place where I can talk and don’t actually have to hear my voice. I get tired of hearing it and I’m sure other people do too.

The last couple months have been meh …

It’s the Small Things

Today I:

  1. Paid my truck off
  2. Paid off 2 credit cards
  3. Put money away for a very special visit that I’ll be enjoying in a few months from 2 very important people
  4. Talked to my aunt and uncle (that’s in

Sunday Night Things

1. If they didn’t do random drug tests at my job, I’d smoke a bowl or 2 tonight. Just to take the edge off things. I don’t know if it’s because I’m extremely tired or if this is the reason …


Watches the watchers?
Cares for the caregivers?
Protects the soldiers?