Rough. Rough. Rough. Week

They found my uncle’s body. He was dismembered and all kinds of other gristly shit. The kicker? 1 (or 2) of my cousins did it. Over some dumb shit. Left work early today (actually, I’m proud of myself for doing that) because instead of my usual fight for the right thing attitude, I just said “fuck it, y’all fuckers can get in trouble with the inspectors.”

I invested a couple weeks ago. Too bad I don’t think I’ll be seeing the return I had hoped for. I’ll find out when/if I get my question answered…which I don’t think i will. Its one of those things where you THINK you want to know but after you get your answer, you decide that you were better off not knowing.  Oh well, so is life. You live, you learn, you grow.

A nigga got a haircut though. After I’m done playing Hauk tomorrow during the day, I think I’m going to act an ass in AC for a couple hours. I deserve it.


  1. Wow! I know I’m extra late, but sorry to hear about your Uncle. What a mind blowing experience of the worst kind. Stay strong my friend & keep writing…journaling/blogging is great therapy.

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