The Memphis Bleek Challonge!

There is this misconception about me that hurts me deep to my soul. People seem to think I’m a music snob. I wouldn’t say SNOB, but I don’t like a lot of music. I am constantly having this sort of musical philosophical debate about how you can like music but it’s still not good.


Tonight on twitter the homie Mikey McFly aka The Red Baron of Polaroid of was joking around and challenged folks to name Memphis Bleek’s top 5 songs. I accepted the challenge. And just to show off, I’ma do TEN songs. Memphis Bleek isn’t bad at all, he just had the misfortune of being on the same label as Jay-Z, Beans, and Free. I felt kinda bad for him.

I am now about to wow the fuck out of you folks. They are in no particular order, but it SHALL be done.

1. “Memph Bleek Is”  album: Coming of Age

2. “What You Think Of That” album: Coming of Age

3. “Round Here” ft. T.I. and Trick Daddy  album: M.A.D.E.

4. “Crooklyn Dodgers III” Mos Def, Bleek, Jean Grae

5. “Everything’s A Go” ft Jay-Z album: M.A.D.E.

6. “Let’s Go”


7. “Murda Murda” ft Jay-Z and Geda K album: M.A.D.E.

8. “First, Last, and Only” ft M.O.P. album: 534

9. “Mind Right” ft Ja Rule   album: some Clue tape

10. “Roc Cafe” Bleek, Jay, Beans, Budden  album: Clinton Sparks jawn



See, I didn’t even include his Garnier Fructis commercial.

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  1. Round here will forever be my joint

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