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Unpopular Opinion of the Day

Women enforce stereotypical gender roles on children as much, if not more, than men do.

I saw proof of that shit today, man. Eyan was MOST unpleased. I think my cousin is more unpleased because I ripped into her ass in the middle of Walmart. Her defense was that EVER so common “don’t tell me how to parent my child” bullshit. Oh yeah? I got TWO answers for that shit, too.

1. Nobody is telling you how to parent your child…THIS time. You seem to have that under control at this point in time.

2. Don’t ask me to babysit your child in your goddamn life ever again if you don’t want to hear what I have to say about the shit you let your child get away with in your house..but not mine.


But yeah..the boy child wanted her to buy him something because he’s been student of the week 2 or 3 times in the last month. She agreed. So after about a minute or so, the boy-child comes back with one of those ugly ass brown baby doll thingies they sell in the Walmarks. Not ugly because it’s brown, but ugly because shit is fucking UG-GUH-LEE.

Anyway, she tells him to put it back and he asks why. She rolls into the cop out of “because I said so” and she notices that I’m looking at her like “word? you’re going to tell an inquisitive 5 year old child that ‘because I said so’ is an OK answer to the why question? ok” and then says to him…wait for it…”boys don’t play with dolls.” So while he’s taking the doll back I ask her why he can’t have the doll, she says “I ain’t gonna raise no sissyfaggot.” Son, she really DID say “sissyfaggot” though. *of COURSE I laughed. that shit is hilarious in a bad way when you hear it*

So me being me, I lit into her ass about how she’s setting him up to be one of THOSE dudes. You know the type..the “bitch, get in that kitchen and make me a sammich” dude that women say the world needs less of. The type that thinks no man should ever have to clean up behind himself because his bitch will do it.  The type becomes insecure when his other half earns more than him or is the primary bread winner in the house hold. The type that thinks it’s a woman’s job to take care of the kids while he works…because that’s her goddamn job.

Of course she got mad. Then I asked her if she wanted her son to turn out like his father or her brother. My aunt did a tremendous job raising 3 children on her own, but she instilled that mindset in my cousin and indirectly her grandchildren by him.

That shit is NOT ok to me. At ALL. You can’t complain about male privilege and them promote it’s festering nature in your own offspring where you are FULLY capable of preventing it’s spread in at least ONE person.


I’m going to end this post right here because the more i reflect on it, the more I get pissed off and it’s looking like I’m about to start rambling incoherently.



  1. PBG

    I agree w/you Eyan. Boys can play with dolls, especially due to the fact that boys just may be fathers one day. Boys can be nurturing and loving and learn to do so through interpersonal relationships and EMULATING those relationships through play. That mama was wrong as fuck. If she couldn’t say it to the child, then she knows she was wrong. Her prejudice and bigotry is being passed on to her little boy and it is absolutely reprehensible.

  2. You did the right thing. She was way out of line, even if it was her kid. Hopefully, once she stopped being defensive, she realized it too. Sometimes women don’t like being told what to do, but still know what’s right. But I hope she doesn’t talk like that in front of her son. What a way to reinforce all kinds of stereotypes. We all do it, but it’s good to try to catch ourselves in the act, and sometimes we need the help of friends and family to do that.

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