This Post Is Brought To You By Twitter Yesterday and Tumblr Today

At 22 years old I was engaged and trying to apply that “black person complains about society but ain’t doing shit to improve or change it” ass logic I see on here ALL THE TIME.

Then I started to figure shit out for myself instead of falling in line with my “peers” and applying different things to my life.

I did some marching, some activism, some tutoring, some speaking egagements, some mentoring, and had some 1am conversations over pizza,beer, and heart ache.


You will NOT be the same person at 30 that you were at 22-24. Hell, you more than likely won’t be the same person at 22 that you were at 21.

I’m 32 now. I apologize to my parents once a week for thinking I knew everything because I read it or some famous person said it.  Every life experience changes you if you allow it..for better or worse.

Y’all gonna be alright if you allow yourself to be alright.

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