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Most of the food I cook has no name. Well, no REAL name. I refuse to try to be fancy and be like “Yes, I made pasta blah blah blah woopty woopty nigga whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat with holler holler sauce.”  I am entirely too lazy for that. So without further ado, here’s some food I made. It’s the same thing I made last week but I altered the recipe to include peppers *I pan roasted them hos, like a boss* . Anyway, here’s the recipe.  And pics.

A note: I try to use fresh vegetables as opposed to frozen vegetables whenever possible because I like the flavor and there’s health benefits. You can use whatever you get your hands on. As far as the proteins, you can substitute the beef for chicken or pork. Or leave them all out. Whatever floats your boat. I also need to explain that I usually don’t cook following a recipe unless I’m trying to bake. I just throw on some music, turn the stove/wok/grill on, and cook by feeling/smell/taste. So don’t expect exact measurements on everything.



8 oz of lean steak, chopped

14 oz of chicken sausage, cut into chunks

1 each large red and green pepper. *I pan roasted them for that smokey flavor. it was worth it*

1 pack extra large mushrooms, chopped

1/2 large red onion, chopped

2lbs fresh steamed broccoli * I used about fiddylebben. cuz I love it*

3 tablespoons chopped garlic.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh grated or shredded parmesan cheese *none of that Kraft shit in the green jawn. save that for #ThePlate out there*

Bionaturae egg pasta *or whatever kind of pasta you want to use. or none at all. i gave up white bread/refined sugar/white rice*

The Cookening *Highlander jokes FTW*

steak and chicken sausage being seared with garlic/olive oil
tune in for the Roasting of the Peppers
mushroom and onion dump. you can't see the onions because you can't.


the pasta in. it's going to break but that's what you want, gives the illusion that you have more in your bowl/pan than you really do.
fold from bottom to top. that way you get the olive oil/juice from meat/garlic mixture at the bottom of pan and it coats everything after it settles.


Plating…Or Bowling. Whatever 

top back
side shot uno
side shot dos


If anyone has any questions, leave em here in the replies





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